Posted by Margaret Byrne on Sep 12, 2017
In a letter Jessica LaBumbard, Executive Director of ALDEA, thanked the club for its donation to the global grant project, Clean Water and Sanitation Project in the communities of Xesajbin, Cojula and Pachaj, Guatemala. In most recent years our club has contributed to this project each spring. Our donation combined with the global grant and many other club donations provided, "access to potable water, latrines, vented stoves, nutrition education, and empowerment and leadership training."
ALDEA has been working with Mayan communities for fifty years. Their approach is to, "provide people with the tools they need to achieve their dream: building a better future for their children." The community works with ALDEA for two years, thereafter going on to maintain and address challenges on their own.
Our Rotary Club works to make a difference in East Windsor and throughout the world.