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September 7, 2017 Meeting
President Al Gagg called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m. and we proceeded to say the Pledge of Allegiance, Four Way Test and Cathi offered a blessing.
The Secretary's report followed, offered by Margaret:
Visiting Rotarians - None
Visitors - None
Absent -  Dan
Late - Denise
Missed Meetings - Dan x3
Make ups - None
Missing Badges - John
Missing Gavel - not this week
Returned Gavel - see above
Vacations - None
Birthdays & Anniversaries - Birthdays: Dan on the 19th; Mark on the 31st (sang to him, again) and Peter C. whose birthday is on the 10th, but he will miss the meeting on the 14th, so we sang to him.
Happy Dollars -Dave: great weekend with Denise and Denise agreed; Denise: the scent of the chocolate mousse reminded her of a facial she had received; John: brother is going home soon, while awaiting surgery; Bill: had medical scares, but good test results and Nancy has retired officially; Mark: working half days and his wife is happy because he removed the two Rotary signs from last year's wine tasting from the garage; Paolino and Brian: gave $5 happy dollars; Cathi: happy for her grandson who played Warren in his high school's production of Legally Blonde in his freshman year; Margaret: Just Because.
Sad/Unhappy Dollars - Denise: cat on catnip; office mate diagnosed with lung cancer; Hurricane Irma, joined by Al, Margaret, Mark and Cathi; Earle: Sue Boutin, Ray's sister-in-law passed away, joined by Cathi, Peter C., John, Bill, Pete L and Ray; Ray: for Sue and he mousse reminded him of Sam's place and the band aid incident.
New, special, other - Georg: new pair of orthotic shoes; editor's note: I believe Denise said something, but I can't read my notes.
Secretary's Wild Card (or whatever color shirt George is wearing applied to shirt, blouse, pants, skirt, dress)- Have you ever attended the USTA Open in New York? Margaret and added a happy dollar for all American women's semifinals.
Leaving Early -  None.
Publicity - None.
Late Meeting - ended with five minutes to spare.
Future Speakers: Chris Corkum in the fall (Denise), George is working on Bill McGurk for the Fall, DG will attend on 9/28, John working on someone for September.
President's report & Club discussion
  1. Proposed Activities by Month:
    August:                  Annual Sponsorships                - Club Service               -Earle and Denise - USA Haulers has signed up as $1,000.00 sponsors and Geissler's has signed up at the $350 level.                                                                                                                                               September              16th President’s Picnic                 - Club Service               -Bill, his house 2:00 to 6:00p - rain or shine. Inviting Pam and Tony, Dale, Jason, Ellie and Jo. Park in the back if you need assistance, sent around list for those to attend and indicate appetizer or dessert.                               23rd Community Day                  - Club Service               -Popcorn & Water - Margaret and Denise -sign up sheet, discussed supplies (50 lb. bag of popcorn and butter flavored oil and salt), will charge $1. for a bag and $1 for water.                                                                          October                  7th Wine Tasting 1 pm to 4:30 pm     -Club Service                -Dan/Dave/Pete L. - we went through Dave's action list; physical tickets in badge box(keep the stub and return with the money) and posters distributed and will be emailed.                                                      Dictionary Project                      - Youth Service              - Cathi                                                                                                                       Benches for Veteran's Park - Denise checked with Commission to confirm they'd like a total of three benches and we can determine the dedications; likely Bob Watts, all Rotary veterans and all East Windsor veterans. Bill ordered the benches and passed around the sketch.
        2.     Speakers Assignments– August- Dan; September -  John; October – Bill; November: Pete L.; December: Cathi & Peter; January – Mark; February –Earle; March: George; April: Ray; May – Dave and Denise; and June – Al and Margaret.
        3. District Grants - Margaret mailed out check and waiting for a receipt.
        4. President Elect - District is looking for the name of our President Elect.
        5. East Windsor Hunger Action Team Power Pack Specific Food Drive - Margaret will bring to the board.
Communication - letters from East Windsor H
Queen of Hearts - 8 of clubs pulled by George, note: Bill reports the pot is up to $200.00
50/50 - Dave.
Meeting was adjourned at 7:55 p.m.
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Welcome to our Club!
East Windsor
Service Above Self
We meet Thursdays at 6:30 PM
The Nutmeg Restaurant
297 South Main Street
East Windsor, CT  06088
United States
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Club Receives Thanks For Participating in the Clean Water and Sanitation Project
In a letter Jessica LaBumbard, Executive Director of ALDEA, thanked the club for its donation to the global grant project, Clean Water and Sanitation Project in the communities of Xesajbin, Cojula and Pachaj, Guatemala. In most recent years our club has contributed to this project each spring. Our donation combined with the global grant and many other club donations provided, "access to potable water, latrines, vented stoves, nutrition education, and empowerment and leadership training."
ALDEA has been working with Mayan communities for fifty years. Their approach is to, "provide people with the tools they need to achieve their dream: building a better future for their children." The community works with ALDEA for two years, thereafter going on to maintain and address challenges on their own.
Our Rotary Club works to make a difference in East Windsor and throughout the world.
Annual Wine Tasting
For the second year in a row, the Second Chance Farm on Rice Road in Broad Brook will host our club's wine tasting event. It is an event not to miss because, in addition to a variety of wines and beers, there will be a delectable selection of food to sample and a display of tractors that will impress. Mark your calendar for October 7, 2017 from 1:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. and pick up your tickets at
PO Box 376, Broad Brook CT 06016
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