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September 20
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July 20, 2017 Meeting
President Al called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m. and we proceeded to say the Pledge of Allegiance, Four Way Test and Cathi offered a blessing.
The Secretary's report followed, offered by Margaret:
Visiting Rotarians - None
Visitors - None
Absent -  Mark, Ray, Peter L., Dave and Denise
Late - None
Missed Meetings - Margaret, Cathi and Peter C.
Make ups - None
Missing Badges - None
Vacations - None
Birthdays & Anniversaries - Birthdays: Dave on July 1st; Mary Tarbell July 7th; Nancy Kinsley (24th). Anniversaries: Dan & Nikki Tarbell July 19th (sang to them).
Happy Dollars - (Sappy) - John because his older brother had a stroke and he is making a good recovery; Dan - Fenway has rebounded and this was "liked" by Cathi, Margaret, Earle and George; Al - attended his sister's memorial service and appreciated seeing so many people his sister had befriended over the years; Just Because - Margaret and Bill.
Sad/Unhappy Dollars -  Cathi - her 82 year old mother broke her hip and rehab is not going well.
New, special, other - None.
Secretary's Wild Card (or whatever color shirt George is wearing applied to shirt, blouse, pants, skirt, dress)-  Watched baseball game on t.v. since the last meeting (includes news reports): Everyone!!!
Leaving Early -  None - having way too much fun!
Publicity - next week we have to get Denise - her picture was in the newsletter for the water project.
Speaker - none
Future Speakers: Chris Corkum in the fall (Denise), George is working on Bill McGurk for the Fall, DG has been invited.
President's report & Club discussion
  1. Proposed Activities by Month:
    August:                   Back to School Supplies - Youth Service                       -Margaret - need budget amount
                                  Annual Sponsorships                - Club Service               -Earle
    September              16th President’s Picnic                 - Club Service               -Bill, his house 2:00 to 6:00p - will let us know what to bring.
                                  23rd Community Day                  - Club Service               -Popcorn & Water
    October                  7th Wine Tasting                        -Club Service                -Dan/Dave
                                  Dictionary Project                      - Youth Service              - Cathi
    November                                                               -                                   -
    December               Adopt Kids for Christmas           -Youth Services              - Margaret
                                  9th Holiday Get Together            -Club Service                - Bill - Storrowton Tavern
    January                   Youth Exchange arrange speaker -Youth Service            -  Bill will invite rep from District
    February                 Annual Giving for Foundation                                         - Bill/John
    March                     24th Easter Bunny Breakfast -                                         - John
                                  Guatemala Water Project           - International Service    - Bill/John
    April                        Citizen of the Year                     -Community Service      -
                                  RYLA                                        - Youth Service               - George
                                  Close Up Andy Masters Program      -Youth Services          - George
    May                        Annual Raffle Drawing               - Club Service                  - Bill - start selling in March
    June                       Scholarships                             - Youth Service                 - John
    Other Projects/Committees:
    Interact – begin a new club at the high school (follow up w/Mrs. Crocket – duck race)
    District Grants – Community Garden and American River Heritage Association
    Bench for Veteran’s Park at Warehouse Point – total of 3 benches for Vet’s Park - Bill
    Membership – George and Peter
    Speakers – Dan to create a list.
    Youth Exchange -
Queen of Hearts - King of Hearts pulled by John
50/50 -  Margaret won.
Meeting was adjourned at 7:55 p.m.
Board meeting at 8:00 p.m. - in attendance Al, Bill, Cathi, Dan, Peter C. John and Margaret.
1. Bill will contact Vets to make sure they want 3 benches, if so he'll confirm the price.
2. Dues- waiting on bill from RI, but we have working capital in the meantime.
3. School Supplies - Bill will check budgets from prior years.
4. D.G. visit - offer September 14th or 28th.
5. Club Central Goals.
Adjourned at 8:10 p.m.
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